Tranquillita Wash and Lotion 500ml

Item No. 00214688

This set contains both our Petersham Nurseries Tranquillita Body Wash & Lotion Set 500ml. They both come in an amber glass bottle with a pump closure. This soothing scent has notes of jasmine and vetiver blended to evoke balmy summer days at the nursery. The multipurpose wash is formulated from a natural base, powerful enough to effectively cleanse but gentle enough to respect the skin’s natural balance. The lightweight lotion is made from a nourishing blend of oils and shea butter. A blend of essential oils helps soothe, ground and promote relaxation. Ingredients are certified organic. Using the wash followed by the lotion leaves your skin naturally cleansed, softened and hydrated. Both products are suitable for use on the body and hands and are suitable for all skin types.

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