Handcrafted Mongolian Cashmere Cosi Yogi Blanket Teal

Item No. 01022272


Cosi is based on the solid values of natural materials and ancient craftsmanship. A lineage of artisan handweavers, a tradition, handed down over generations, creates something of great value. By designing a collection of luxury, handcrafted pieces, Cosi aims to support the cultural heritage and skills of the Himalayas. Cosi's scarves, wraps, blankets and throws are handwoven and handspun from the finest Mongolian cashmere and yak wool.

Craftsmanship by nature is slow, Cosi weaves four pieces per weaver, per day. More time means more sustainability. We combine top quality yarns, design and workmanship with social and environmental responsibility.

We are committed to fair trade, sustainability of land and ecology, and of the small family business that are under threat. Our aim is to tread slowly in rhythm with age old customs from beginning to end. We recycle all our water, we wash all our pieces with natural soap, we use eco friendly dyes.

We value simplicity, this requires less complication and more creativity, less attention to appearance and more attention to essence.

When you understand the work that goes into every step of the process, you appreciate the provenance of a hand crafted piece created to last.

Petersham Nurseries chose the Cosi yogi cashmere scarves as part of our range of products. These scarves are hand woven by artisans on traditional pedal looms worked with both hands and feet. 100% pure Mongolian cashmere, the fibres are gently combed from the goats once a year. One goat produces enough fibre for one scarf per year, making this particularly precious.    

Dimensions: 229 x 127cm


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