Early Seed Potatoes - Foremost

Item No. 5015882035519


Foremost variety - Flavoursome early new potato

Planting: March onwards

Pack contents: x 10

Planting-out can take place as soon as the risk of frost has passed in your area (March-May). Dig over and cultivate the ground to be planted, removing any weeds. Raise shallow ridges 60cm/24" apart and plant the seed potatoes into the ridge 12cm/5" deep and 22cm/9" apart. If the potatoes have been chitted take care not to damage the chits when you plant. When the plants are around 20cm/8" tall draw soil up around the lower leaves, this will protect the newly forming potatoes.  Chitting potatoes (encouraging the seed to sprout before planting) can lead to an earlier harvest than planting directly into the ground. To do this, place the seed potatoes into an open container such as an egg box, in a light and airy position, protected from frost. The potatoes will grow small shoots. 


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