KATRIN MOYE Multi Spout Flower Bricks

Item No. 01026100


Katrin Moyes collection created for Petersham Nurseries is evocative of her German and Danish childhood and her influences of pattern, fold art and whimsy whilst reflecting her love of delftware shapes and 17th century ceramics.

In our Summer collaboration Katrin has created pieces of exceptional vivacity to each of the intricately hand painted and glazed vessels of tulipiers, flower bricks and vases, each one ode to the myriad hues and abundance of Summer.

Much in demand Katrin has established herself as a maker of collectible and desirable ceramics and we are delighted that we are able to share her work.

Wheel thrown, hand built and occasionally press moulded the surface decoration is applied with coloured slips and underglazes using traditional slipware techniques such as painting, trailing, sponge printing and hand cut paper resist.

A visit in January 2020 to Amsterdam and the Hague for a more in-depth look at Delftware was very much responsible for informing her output since then, which is closely aligned to the intriguing and beautiful domestic objects, exuberant patterns and lively reflection of contemporary everyday life found in the output of Dutch ceramics factories from the 1600s to the 1800s. Similarly, a visit to Umbria in 2019 sparked an ever growing fascination with Italian Majolicaware and elements of this colourful and elegant style have also come into her work as a result.

Piece is part of our 'Makers Hand' collections.

Dimensions: 21x19x9cm


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