Yellow Gorse Sleep Kit

Item No. 01015275


Sleep trio contained in a Kraft box. Pillow Mist 50ml:Freshly made using only natural ingredients & sleep inducing, calming & relaxing aromatherapy pure essential oils. Contains: Sedative frankincense, nerve relaxant lavender & bergamot plus calming, soothing chamomile.

How to use: shake bottle, spray onto pillow & bed linen.

Sleep Balm 15ml: Freshly made with only natural ingredients.It contains: almond, coconut and vitamin E.Cocoa butter, organic bee and jojoba wax to protect.Calming and relaxing Lavender and chamomile to soothe and induce sleep. Contained in a handy mini travel sized tin. Massage into pulse points, hands or feet before sleep.

Pillow Sachet 20g: A herbal sleep inducing concoction contained in a sachet. Freshly made with organically grown herbs: Hops, chamomile and lavender mixed with calming, meditative frankincense, clary sage and bergamot pure essential oils.

Slip sachet inside pillow case to help sleep.

Scent lasts roughly 1 month once opened.

Do not use if pregnant.


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